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Processed For Purpose: Don't Let The Process Fool You

Processed For Purpose: Don't Let The Process Fool You

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Want to find a way to replace fear with faith when you are going through some tough and rough spaces in life? Discover in Processed for Purpose how to use the things in life that you may have once considered as problems, as a way to process you for your purpose. The author challenges the reader to look back over the things they may have experienced, and take note over how those things, although when faced were hard, brought them to a place of discovery. "I would that each reader take full notice at how the things that were meant for bad, turned into a blessing or vehicle to propel them into living their best life." Danyelle ScrogginsSome of the intended goals were to allow the readers to understand that:

1. Nothing in life just happens.

2. Every thing that does happen, happens for a reason.

3. The goal while surviving in the midst of a process is to learn how to pray effectively.

4. You can always get beyond a problem if you view it as a process to get you to something or someone. And…

5. Everything on earth has to be processed in order for it to be of use. Remember, God will sometimes have to process you before He can use you.While reading this book, you should also get a pen and notebook to write down some of the things you considered as problems in your life. And then, note how these very situations birthed your purpose, or enhance you to become a better you.

When you have finished this book and your notes, you should be able to:

1. See how the things that were meant for your bad, turned out to be for your good.

2. Discover how God birthed your purpose in the midst of the process.

3. Evaluate how what you went through, was a method to grow your faith and trust in God. And last...

4. View the things you face in life no longer as problems, but instead as processes to get you to the place God is calling for you to be.

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