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Divinely Sown

Curvy Girls Holiday Book 7 & 8

Curvy Girls Holiday Book 7 & 8

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Hallelujah For Christmas

He's been chasing me.

But love just doesn’t happen to folks our age.

Aunt Minnie Lewis

When J. P. Hearn caught me slipping, I felt embarrassed and ashamed.

A man in his position can have any woman he wants.

One night in his arms has my heart open, and my mind is constantly on him.

But there’s still a barrier between him and my yes…his children.

J. P. Hearn

The guilt of our connection nearly pushed her back into her protective shell. I can feel it. 

But she fails to grasp that I'm not giving up on her again. 

I won't let the love of my life walk away without giving us a chance.

And the only two people I’m concerned about are miles and miles away.

Though unsure of what’s keeping her from being all in, I refuse to sing anything but Hallelujah for Christmas.

Honor For Christmas

I’ve noticed him, but never in the light of being my man.

Something has changed, I see it in her eyes.

Glenda Hayes

He’s a saved, single billionaire who checks all the boxes but one…he’s not chocolate.

But he’s been a remarkable man and a fatherly mentor to my son.

Yet, when I see him caked up with another woman, my perspective shifts.

Not to mention, his thoughtful gift has touched my heart, and now he’s all in my head.

Larry Malone

She always acts so mean and hostile.

But I’ve managed to soften her heart by being a father figure to her son.

When I give her a gift that reflects her beauty and my gratitude, I see a new emotion in her eyes I’ve never seen before.

And if we both acknowledge our feelings, I believe us having each other will be an extraordinary Honor for Christmas.

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