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Divinely Sown

Destiny’s Decision

Destiny’s Decision

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Who sleeps with a pastor?

And who on earths wants to be stuck in the shadow of a man with a big hat and a permanent front row seat where everyone is watching you?


Not Destiny!

Roderick Prince Strong is just as handsome as he is fine, but Im just not sure if being a first lady is a part of my destiny.

I know that my journey is marked by love and destined by God, but I still  have not accepted the fact that I now own, Faith Temple Cathedrala church.

But just as Im finally coming to grips with my assignment and things are coming together after the death of my grandparents, my grandmother from beyond the grave is still meddling.

She has assigned, Pastor Roderick Prince Strong, as the next pastor of FTC, and this brother is too put-together, handsome, and intelligent, to pastor me.

Im just thankful I have my girls, Stephanie and Sheila in my corner and together, we will navigate our lives and my mess, until I embrace Destinys Decision.


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