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Do Not Tell: Katrina Jacobs Murder Suspense Book 2

Do Not Tell: Katrina Jacobs Murder Suspense Book 2

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Book: Do Not Tell: Katrina Jacobs Murder Suspense Book 2


Dive into a gripping murder mystery series that seamlessly combines the charm of a cozy small-town setting with the relentless determination of crime fighters in the tight-knit community of Kickapoo. In this town where secrets are as rare as privacy, crime-solving is in Katrina Jacobs' DNA.

For Katrina Jacobs, a good night's sleep after a long day is all she craves, but that wish remains elusive
tonight. A cold-blooded killer roams the streets of Kickapoo, and it falls upon her and her trusty sidekick, Regina, to bring this malefactor to justice. What haunts Detective Katrina Jacobs most about this case is not just the brutality of the murder itself but the involvement of a police officer's spouse, which could potentially lead to one of their own colleagues facing incarceration.
Alesha Cassidy, an incredible woman who represents an organization dedicated to aiding single parents and fatherless children, meets a tragic end in her own home, sending shockwaves throughout the community and the law enforcement agencies alike. Katrina makes a solemn promise to leave no stone unturned in her quest to uncover the senseless murderer, even if it means implicating one of her fellow officers.
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