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Graced After The Pain (The Power Series Rebirth Book !)

Graced After The Pain (The Power Series Rebirth Book !)

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Graced After The Pain (The Power Series Rebirth Book 1) is about Felecia and Dean. Like most couples, they experienced their share of pain, especially when it comes to marriage. Their marriage was almost destroyed by her acts of jealousy and jealous rage that caused him to pack up and leave. After the pain of Dean leaving was almost too much for them both to bear, they decided to allow God to give them a marital rebirth and start again. With the help of their church family, they were able to turn things around, and in Graced After The Pain, they show couples through their relationship how to move forward even in the face of adversity.

"A woman after my own heart, real life stuff, real talk, real feelings, just REAL! That book was confirmation about how God can (if we allow Him) turn things around for our good. What the devil meant for bad .....But God!!"~ Reader

Grace After The Pain will in fact cause the reader to understand that any marriage worth having or being in, is worth fighting for; which ultimate never comes easy but it is doable with the help of God, family, and good friends.

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