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Divinely Sown

His Mistress or God's Daughter? (NF)

His Mistress or God's Daughter? (NF)

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God’s Daughters makes the devil understand that there is no pulling her into unholy relationships, because she’s willing to wait on God for her kingdom man. She lives extremely confident in the fact that it is far better to be God’s Daughter than the mistress of any man, for the sake of having a man.

She’s willing to wait on God to cause her to be found, and in the meantime, she busies herself in the work of the Lord.

In His Mistress or God’s Daughter, Danyelle Scroggins reminds women who are waiting to be found, to be on constant guard of the enemy who is roaming to find her in emotional break-down. The author brings insight that encourages women to wait on God and ignore the distorted perception that having a married man is better than having no man.

Scroggins show women that it is far more beneficial to take the stance as God’s Daughter, who is created for honor and holiness, whose value is far above rubies, than to submit to the enemy who desires to use her as a side-chick or to cure his lust desires outside of his marriage. Scroggins want women to know that when they wait on God, He causes them to be found by men who cannot only cover them, but their anointing as well.

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