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If You Do: Katrina Jacobs Murder Suspense Book 3

If You Do: Katrina Jacobs Murder Suspense Book 3

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Dive into the heart of darkness in "If You Do," where the echo of footsteps in a school’s hallway could be the sound of justice drawing near—or the harbinger of danger yet to come.

In the locker room of South Central High School, a new chapter of chilling crime unfolds, plunging the quaint town of Kickapoo into a profound state of shock. "If You Do" beckons readers back into the enigmatic world where Detective Katrina Jacobs and her partner, Sergeant Regina Owens, reign supreme in their relentless pursuit of justice.

This time, the heart of the mystery beats within the school's campus, where beloved Coach Paul James is discovered lifeless, his legacy tarnished by an untimely demise. The serene facade of Kickapoo belies the turmoil that ripples through its core as news of Coach James's murder spreads like wildfire. A mentor to many and a pillar of the community, his death leaves a void that echoes in the hushed whispers of the town's residents. Katrina and her indefatigable sidekick, Regina, face the daunting task of piecing together a puzzle where every fragment seems to deepen the mystery rather than solve it.

As they delve into the investigation, the duo finds themselves navigating a labyrinth of secrets and lies, where the line between friend and foe blurs. The high school, a breeding ground for ambition and rivalry, is the perfect backdrop for a crime driven by motives as complex as the suspects themselves. From envious colleagues to disgruntled students, the list of potential culprits casts a wide net, challenging Katrina's acumen like never before.

Amidst the chaos, a narrative of resilience and vulnerability emerges, painting Coach James in a light far removed from the pedestal on which he was placed. The investigation forces Katrina to confront uncomfortable truths about the imperfections that reside in every hero's story, including her own.

"If You Do" is not just a quest for the perpetrator but an introspective journey that tests the bonds of community and the ideals of justice. In Kickapoo, where everyone knows your name, the most daunting task is to recognize the face of evil hidden in plain sight. Join Katrina and Regina as they dare to uncover the truth, proving once again that in pursuing justice, no secret is too sacred and no sacrifice too great.

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