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Divinely Sown

Keatchie Corner Books 10 - 12

Keatchie Corner Books 10 - 12

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The small town of Keatchie, Louisiana is growing and the town's folks are falling in love and learning to live by faith. In each of these books, you'll meet members of the Faltime Baptist Church and get a peek into their lives.


She’s been sidelined.

And she’s wanting love just as much as me.

I feel her…

The pain of her past,

The fear of letting another person in,

And as much as I should be stuck, especially after what I witnessed,

I find myself wondering about her story.

I understand…

The woman I wanted to love is too broken to let anyone in.

She was bruised and bent on getting revenge.

And now that she’s out of the picture, I’m looking for what a real woman looks like.

I’m trusting God to fix anything in me that will cause me to hang on to the past.

And when I approach her, not only will I have my stuff together, I’m coming strong.

I’m coming with the same force I bring to the field.

All I know is I'm applying pressure and it’s going to be…



She’s been waiting.

And I want everything we stand for.

But the enemy is busy…

Every time we set a date…something happened.

Is she beginning to doubt our love?

I can admit, I questioned whether it is God’s will for us or not.

But I’m also trusting Him to fix it and bring us back to the place where we both recognize what we have is special.

The only solution to fix our situation is the one thing I’ve used in hard times.

It’s been my secret weapon that has brought me through all things.

It’s what my mother always say we should do.

It gives the total validation of all things working together.

It’s also the greatest source of inspiration.

And real God-lovers know…something happens when you PRAY.


She’s growing tired.

And I really can’t blame her.

It’s hard being a first lady when you often feel like the least important…

Then of all the stupid things I could do,

I did the most detestable.

I thought she forgave me.

Thought our lives were moving forward.

The church is growing and I’m marrying people like crazy.

But in the midst of all the love, my wife is suffering in silence.

I’ve been begging behind the scenes.

Because at the end of the day, it’s what we are supposed to do. Right?

Yet, she’s more determined to leave than she’s ever been before.

It’s time for me—the associate pastor, to go get the counseling I need.

So I can continue to be the example that I want to be for the parishioners.

But even more than that, to persuade my wife to please STAY.

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