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Divinely Sown

Keatchie Corner Books 4 - 6

Keatchie Corner Books 4 - 6

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She has always seen me for who I am…

Not what I was trying to be. And it frightens me that despite the things I’ve gone through, she still seems to be waiting on me.

My struggles caused me to run from her, but her love stayed solid.

Even when I turned my back on her and left her holding to fend for herself, she never gave up on me.

Most women would never want the challenge of being with a man who’s decided to do the total opposite of what the world feels is right.

But she’s convinced…

Her God told her that I was her husband and she doesn’t care what I’ve done, who I’ve been with, or who or what I believe I am. She’s holding on to what God said.

Now that I know she was holding me down, even when I was held up in my desires, I know I’ve got to do right by her.

And for some reason, I’m beginning to feel like all I need is for Tanya to love me, but I swear the Struggle was real.


She doesn’t want me.

But I want her.

She’s fighting against us because she doesn’t realize that sometimes you have to lose before you win.

My dream has always been to have a woman who loves me and one who’s willing to go the distance to help me make things happen.

She is just what I need. But she thinks I’m not the one because I don’t look like what she’s used to, and my arrogant ways remind her of her ex.

Little does she know, I’m a real man. I might be younger than her, but I’ve been through some things that qualify me to love her like a real man should.

And I’m willing to do whatever I need to do, even if it means going to the place she seems to love the most…church.

I’ll do anything to make her say I’m hers. And when she does, I’ll go the distance to establish and solidify her DREAM.

About WEAK

I love the way she does these secret peeks.

This isn’t the first time we’ve performed this look-don’t-look dance.

But what she doesn’t know is…

I’ve decided this time I’m not giving up until I know I’ve brought that heat.

I can tell she’s fighting assumptions, because I feel it.

However, this is the last time I’m walking away from this church without claiming Bianca and her baby as mine.

The way she moves. The way she talks and walks. All special and unique.

But there’s nothing like the way she prays and sings, when she thinks no one else is around.

A prayer warrior. A woman of strength and power. I need all of that in my life.

Delicate enough to be cautious. Wise enough to be choosey.

Yet, Sensitive enough to be WEAK.

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