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Divinely Sown

Logansport Rivers Books 3&4: Jackson's Jewel & Brody's Beauty

Logansport Rivers Books 3&4: Jackson's Jewel & Brody's Beauty

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This series has second chance, clean and sweet, and older man younger woman romances. Friends to lovers, Christian values, sister and brotherhood relationships, and solid relationships with a mixture of broken promises, wrong decisions, and sibling sagas.

You will not want to miss a single moment with the crew of Logansport Rivers, Louisiana.

Book 3: Jackson's Jewel
I felt like Cinderella, but instead of leaving my shoe, I took my heart and ran.

Renee Long

I want a man, but not one who insights trouble.

So, I do the next best thing…

I pretend like one night in the billionaire’s arms wasn’t enough to render me hooked.

Now, because of my dumb ex, I’ve got to be stuck in a house with a man my body craves.

Jackson Hedges

She’s a cop, and I’m a bad boy with good intentions.

She’s got scars, and I make scars into tattoos.

Just when I thought I had her…

I got set back by a clown who took an oath.

What he doesn’t know is…

I’m built to swim, paddle, or float.

With Renee as my fuel, I’m claiming her as Jackson’s Jewel.

Book 4: Brody's Beauty

He’s everything I prayed for, but Brody’s too good to be true.

Majesty Millions-Jones

I came back to Logansport Rivers to rebuild my nana’s house and my life.

Running with bands, singing in clubs, and having bad relationships have finally taken a toll on me.

All I want is a good country living, filled with memories and what my grandmother loved: Jesus, singing, cows, and corn.

Yet I’m getting more than I bargained for… Brody Lane.

Brody Lane

She’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

And I remember the summer I vowed to make her mine.

She was fifteen; I was nineteen, and then she vanished like a thief in the middle of the night.

The next time I saw Majesty, she was singing at the Grammys.

Now she’s back, and I’m right where she left me, but she’s fighting against becoming…Brody’s Beauty.

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