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Divinely Sown

Mr. Complete: Louisiana Finest Book 3

Mr. Complete: Louisiana Finest Book 3

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Aiden has everything finally going his way. His marriage is complete and he’s now contributing to his household thanks to Creative Concept’s merger with Lauralee Bergans.
Unlike all of his friends turned brothers, Aiden’s the only one who is married to the beautiful Josie—his best friend and the love of his life. His boys and his pockets are coming up and everything seems to be right, and the icing on the cake is that Josie’s pregnant and in a couple of months is set to give birth to their very first child.

But as with life, when there is so much good going on, something bad is bound to happen. Now, what Aiden has to do is use this as a moment to exercise his faith, or discover he has no faith at all.

Josie is excited about Maddox’s engagement to Dr. Gazelle Shaw. She’s been the female touch of their team, has done her part, and all while pregnant. But what Josie or her husband Aiden doesn’t know, is that God has a different timing than they do. Not only is the baby coming, but complications have found their way into the mix.
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