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Divinely Sown

Never looking back: A Louisiana Christmas

Never looking back: A Louisiana Christmas

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Jade Bishop left the home she grew up in, and the man shes loved since childhood when her grandmother MiMi passed away. She thinks the move was to heal her heart, but she finds out that healing was waiting right where she left.

Now that she is back home, shes pleased with how everything, seemingly, went right back to normal. Jasper loves her, she loves him, but the only problem ishes not happy leaving her at night. So in Booth-Fashion, Jasper is planning the surprise of her life.

Love is on the horizon for the Jackson/Booth gang. Kane, Uncle James, and Jasmine are getting a triple dose of the Kimbrels, whiles Jasper Jr. is praying that Jade is all in, and, Never Looking Back.

This is definitely going to be an unforgettable Louisiana Christmas.

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