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Divinely Sown

Secret, Secret (Katrina Jacobs Murder Suspense Series Book 1)

Secret, Secret (Katrina Jacobs Murder Suspense Series Book 1)

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Dive into a riveting murder suspense series that's a perfect blend of cozy mystery and fearless crime fighters in the tight-knit community of Kickapoo. In this town where secrets are scarce and everyone's business is on display, crime-solving runs in Katrina Jacobs' blood.

For Katrina Jacobs, all she wants after a long day is a good night's sleep, but tonight that will not happen.

A cold-blooded murderer is stalking the streets of Kickapoo, and it's up to her to bring them to justice. What troubles Detective Katrina Jacobs most about this case is not just the murder itself, but the hate that fueled it.

Marcus Darby, an up-and-coming LGBT influencer and queen, has been brutally killed, and it's a hate crime that sends shockwaves through the community. Katrina vows to stop at nothing to unmask the perpetrator behind this hateful act, even if it means putting her own life on the line.
Unraveling this twisted murder won't be a straightforward task. It will require the right pieces of the puzzle to come together at the most unexpected moments. In the world of murder mysteries, the perpetrator is often the most unlikely suspect.

The lingering question remains: who among them is capable of committing such a heinous murder?

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