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Divinely Sown

You Can't Slay Stuck

You Can't Slay Stuck

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Christmas is almost here again and I need to slay my pain, but I’m stuck…

I don’t care what anyone says, if crap doesn’t try to rock them out of Christian sometimes, they’re lying. Especially, stuff that hits at the Holidays.

That hurt cuts different.

It’s been a fight to remember what’s in me, while operating with a heart, still lingering in the space and place where it happened. As quiet as it’s kept, I’m holding on to the one I can’t have, but letting go of the one I need most…God.

Then comes Major Hollands mending me like a quilt and using fragments and scraps to make me feel again.

Every real woman knows, all we need is Dr. Jesus to write a prescription that looks a little like this—Good looking, Alpha male, Fine body, God-heart, All day everyday—to heal us whole.

But before I can embrace the prescription, I have to understand the revelation…You Can’t Slay Stuck.

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